geelovestowrite is super excited about today’s Tuesday Talent feature….

Kimberly Jackson,  Sr. Director of Enterprise Mobility and Operations Technology at ADT kimberly-jackson

geelovestowrite:  Who is Kimberly Jackson?
Kimberly:  I am a God-fearing, proud mother of 3 talented children and the wife to a devoted. husband!  In my spare time, I am blessed to play the role as a visionary, collaborative and results-driven business technology executive with 23 years of broad IT experience.   I absolutely love traveling, shopping, reading technical, career leadership and personal improvement books and locating that foodie dining experience!

geelovestowrite:  Describe your journey to success?
Kimberly:  My journey to career success would be best described as a deliberate and methodical quest for enhancing my life and those around me.  I pride myself in being in constant search for knowledge and for my passion in motivating others whether personally or professionally.  I use my leadership, professional development, problem solving and analytical skills in everything I do.  It’s a repetitive process and has rendered great career accomplishments for me and helped me enable my teams to also exceed expectations.  Another key aspect, of my journey is the FAITH I have in knowing that God will always enable me to be all that I can be! It’s up to me to identify and seize the opportunities that are presented to me.

geelovestowrite:  What type of leader are you and how do you get your team to rally around new strategies?
Kimberly:  I am a fearless and a “We WILL Win” leader!  Because I’m passionate about technology and what automation can mean for a business, I always approach every business problem with the mindset that it can be solved.  I’ve equipped my teams with this same perspective and therefore they tackle problems head on and with a high-level of confidence.  Additionally, I’m a participatory leader.  This means my sleeves are rolled up and my thinking cap is always on to assist my team.  I encourage constant collaboration and I’ve also empowered them to think outside the box by engaging them in strategic initiatives that fall outside their scope of responsibility but will expand their knowledge.  Lastly, mistakes are never sought, however, if they are made, it becomes an opportunity for continuous improvement.  If I make a mistake or a decision I’ve made does not render the results I expected, I always revisit the decision with my team and outline my lessons learned and I challenge them to do the same.

geelovestowrite:   What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Kimberly:   I absolutely love to travel, shop for fashion and home décor.  Since I’m passionate about my career and personal development, you’ll find me reading a technical or career leadership book and for that quick dose of enhancement, you would find me reading the Harvard Business Review!  Last, but not least, I thoroughly enjoy watching my kids participate recreationally and competitively in their activities.

geelovestowrite:  In one word, describe yourself?
Kimberly:   Genuine

Kimberly thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be my Tuesday Talent.   Kimberly holds a special place in my heart.  We have been friends for over 23 years.  We were roommates in college and I’m thrilled to be her  friend.  She exudes the utmost professionalism and is the model of intelligence.   I know some dirt as well (wink)-after all we were roommates.   Seriously, Kimberly is genuine and she’s well on her way to an exceptional future!