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Dr. Vivian E. Luke is a professional woman and the mother of two daughters. F.A.K.E.! is her debut novel, loosely based on her experience with a divorce caused by infidelity. This traumatic event was the impetus for a career change from an executive management consulting contractor — with the US Departments of Defense and Homeland Security for over twenty years — to her new career as an author and Certified Professional Life Coach.


A fiction novel that traces the lives of four professional, married women: Faith St. John, Adrienne Morris, Krishna Fitzgerald and Evelyn Montague who appear to be perfect on the outside, but this is just a thin facade over the personal turmoil within each of them.

This quartet of  “forty something” super moms are connected by their decades long friendship and their lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  All of them have climbed to the top of their careers and relish their fabulous, over the top lifestyles. They’re decorated like fancy cakes in designer clothes, handbags, and shoes. To the outside, these women are well connected, busy and beautiful, but secretly each of them knows their lives are inauthentic and shallow – simply put, FAKE!

Each of these women discovers her marriage has been tarnished by infidelity and must make life-altering decisions.  They rely on the strength of their years of friendship to get them through one of the toughest periods in their lives. So, while aspects of their lives may not have been authentic, i.e., fake, their friendship has always been GENUINE!

The book’s title is an acronym based on the first letter of each of their first names and the letters create a word that accurately describes the essence of their lives – F.A.K.E.!

Publication Date – 2017Head Shot_2016-Vivian Luke
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 Vivian’s responses for a few questions:

geelovestowrite: “What do you want your readers to know about you?”

Vivian:  I am very spiritual.  I am constantly seeking guidance from my Maker.

geelovestowrite:  Who are some of your favorite authors?

Vivian:  Toni Morrison, Bebe Campbell Moore, Terri McMillan, James Baldwin

geelovestowrite:  What do you want your readers to get out of your new book?

Vivian:  I’d like my readers to appreciate that having real and true “sister-girlfriends” in your life is possible and extremely important, as we age. These friendship bonds provide us with the balance and support we need when life gets challenging and difficult and/or when your personal relationships disappoint or fail you.  When you seek guidance from God;  yet, have the love and support of a true “sister-girlfriend(s)” you feel empowered to get through the adversity and move on.