Harriet Ann Jacobs

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It’s amazing what you stumble into when out exercising.  I ran across a cemetery that is a burial site for infants and young children who died early due to an epidemic of various diseases in the early 1800’s.  While there I discovered the name Harriet Jacobs, an Afro-American writer.  Of course that piqued my interest.  Jacobs born Feb 11, 1813 (died March 7, 1897 (age 84) in Washington, DC) was a author and former slave.  Her autobiography titled, ‘Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl’ was published in 1861.  The book was the first ever to address the struggle of freedom for female slaves, sexual harassment and abuse among female slaves.

Jacobs had her hand in several pots.  I’m glad I stumbled upon the cemetery.  I learned something new and it feels great to have the opportunity to share it.

Read more on Jacobs at...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harriet_Ann_Jacobs.



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