1.  Decide your genre

  2. Make an Outline

  3. Develop Characters

  4. Write, write, write

  5. Re-write, re-write, re-write

  6. Have it professionally edited

  7. Brainstorm for book cover (have it professionally created)

  8. Decide if you want to self-publish or submit it to a publishing house

  9. Publish it

  10. Market, market, market

Keep in mind all these things happen interchangeably.  You must market yourself from the beginning to get people to feed into your book idea.  You must continually write in order to come up with something halfway decent and you’re still going hate it (but don’t beat yourself up).  Please get a mentor, someone who can encourage you along the way.  I could go on forever because each scenario will be different but remember this…

*** Enjoy the journey along the way…it won’t be easy but the reward is worth the pain!***

P.S.  Enjoy a few glasses of wine as well.  


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