Louis S. Diggs

 born April 13, 1932 in Baltimore, Maryland is an African-American writer and historian specializing in the African-American history of Baltimore County, Maryland.

As a chronicler of the county’s African-American legacy, his work illuminates the historic past of its Black communities. In addition to social history, Diggs has published on Baltimore African-American military records from the American Civil War and the Maryland Army National Guard.  In 1994 he saw the need to fill a niche to help other authors who were struggling to make it in the industry.  It took several years but Diggs was determined to help others.  The Black Writer’s Guild of Maryland was incorporated in 1997 and it became official as a 501(c)3 December 4, 2000.

Diggs has won various awards and has been recognized for his contributions about the African-American history of Baltimore County, Maryland.  You can check out his work at the Mini-Museum on African American History (formerly Cherry Hill African Union Methodist Protestant Church) in Granite, Maryland.

I had the honor of attending the Black Writer’s Guild of Maryland 20th Anniversary Gala event to honor and celebrate Mr. Diggs.  I can’t put in words the pleasure I felt being able to attend the gala.  Mr. Diggs is the model that we all should aspire to be.  He pays it forward to other authors and doesn’t mind putting others before himself.