Author of Kindred…a bestselling science-fiction novel.  Butler was raised by her mother and grandmother.  Her father died when she was seven years old.  At a young age Butler began to dapple in writing due to feeling awkward around her peers.  Her aunt discouraged her but she never gave up.

It wasn’t an easy road for Butler but she hung in there and it payed off in the end.  Butler went on to win several awards for her short stories, however, she is most remembered for Kindred.  Kindred emerged from Butler after she heard a young Afro-American man make a speech about how subservient past generations had been to whites.  That speech sparked something in Butler so she started doing research to figure out how she could write a story about slavery with a twist.

Kindred was published in 1979 and is still widely used today in high schools, college/universities and among community groups.

Butler died in 2006 but her writing still lives on.



One thought on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. cherylholloway.net/blog

    Octavia Butler was a very talented author. I’m glad to see you featured her book Kindred. Thanks, Gee.


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