Struggle by Mya Soliman

Every day the voices try to overtake my thoughts
It speaks to a different tune
That I’ve been playing

Its rhythm is not familiar
The lyrics aren’t harmonious
They create a melody that has overtaken the chorus

Each beat has become strained
Stretched possibilities to conform to structure

Notes and bridges raising and fading like the intro
Never to be heard again
The same words repeating in my head
Making me doubt and wonder why
Did this vision I have only equate to a small piece of the pie?

Elevation to a new level seems awry
The beat stood back and let me cry
This rhythm is full of twist and turns

Low pitches and high notes reelevating and regurgitating the un-played song not yet heard
The path leads in another direction
Urging unexpected logic to clutter the perspective of something new

Let me out of this lyrical mayhem that’s causing me to drown in a world of sound
Let me explore the possibilities of substance
Remove the chorus, the beat, the pitch-the rhythm

Leave me alone with the noise
Leave me free to…


copyright symbolgcl 2017



One thought on “WRITE-IT WEDNESDAY

  1. Thanks Shivashishspeaks and Carrie for the likes. I hadn’t written poetry in awhile but when I saw that painting it spoke to me. I had to write something. Thanks for reading!!!


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