Stuart Davis (December 7, 1892 – June 24, 1964)stuart_davis

I had the pleasure of visiting the National Gallery of Art on Saturday to hear my daughter sing and I happened upon some great art.  The gallery was featuring Stuart Davis who was an American modernist painter from Philadelphia (my hometown-so that’s why I was probably drawn to him…lol).  Davis was well known for his jazz-influenced,  pop art paintings of the 1940s and 1950s, bold, brash, and colorful, as well as his Ashcan School pictures in the early years of the 20th century. With the belief that his work could influence the sociopolitical environment of America, Davis’ political message was apparent in all of his pieces from the most abstract to the clearest.  I thoroughly enjoyed his work and learned of a new artist.

cliche-stuart-davis-2-updated new-york-mural-stuart-davis new-york-mural




2 thoughts on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. Way cool – I’ll be there next wk for a private tour for our group of Seniors from Knollwood – I’ll find Mr. Davis – surprised I hadn’t latched onto him in my NYC days. Thanks!🚎


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