Take some time for yourself, meditate, relax and enjoy!

First minute: Stay comfortably seated. Breathe through your nose throughout the exercise. Be still, and feel the weight of your body in the chair. Pay attention to the ebb and flow of your breath: four seconds in, four seconds out.

Second minute: Inhale as fully as you can, then exhale in six to eight short spurts by pulling your belly in sharply and repeatedly. Repeat for one minute.

Third minute: Close your eyes and breathe naturally for 30 seconds. You’re likely to feel light, calmer and more expansive. Keeping your eyes closed, take 15 seconds to concentrate on your sense of touch. Observe the texture of your clothes, the feel of the skin on your face, the sensation beneath your fingertips. Move onto your other senses: smell, taste, hearing and seeing. Try not to have any expectation of what your senses will tell you – simply observe.

Fourth minute: Don’t try to control your thoughts, just allow them to come and go. You’re becoming aware that you are observing your own thinking.

Fifth minute: Choose the most fabulous thought that you can: be it a word, phrase or image. Keep your attention on that one thing. Be aware of the quality of that thought. If you’re thinking of a beach, for example, the quality may be peacefulness; if you’re thinking of your dream car, it may be abundance. Be aware that you seek the quality, not necessarily the thing.

Source: Reader’s Digest


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