geelovestowrite is featuring her debut children’s book A GRO-c-ERY STORY.

avery-reading-editedA GRO-c-ERY STORY was published by Philadelphia Publishing House in September 2016.  Over 100 copies have sold nation wide.  Author Georgette Littlejohn is both ecstatic and humble that her book has been gracing the homes of little ones.  A GRO-c-ERY STORY is based on a dream the author had about being locked in a grocery story over night.  It’s full of fun, excitement and helps children learn about fruit and veggies.  In today’s society if we can excite children about reading and learning to love veggies at the same time I say…”LET’S DO IT!



Christmas Special only 10-sign…order A GRO-c-ERY STORY TODAY! You receive A GRO-c-ERY STORY, a personalized pencil and a personalized tote bag to carry the book or fruits and veggies from the grocery story. Makes great Christmas gifts.  Order by December 15th to receive for Christmas.








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