geelovestowrite is excited about today’s Tuesday Talent…we are introducing The Chosen Chef who is blowing up the scene with his scrumptious dishes.  I had the pleasure of experiencing his wonderful flavors and twist on classic dishes. chef-barnes-photo-1

geelovestowrite:  How long have you been cooking?
The Chosen Chef:  At an early age of 7, I can recall assisting and cooking in the kitchen with my parents and grandmother.

geelovestowrite:  What lead you to be a chef?
The Chosen Chef:   My love for great food and the enjoyment of crafting delicious meals is the ultimate reason for leading me to become a chef. Starting off as a child watching my parents and grandmother in the kitchen honed in to my desire to want to make delicious meals.

geelovestowrite:  Did you attend culinary school?
The Chosen Chef:  I’m currently in my 3rd semester of culinary school. I’m a current Culinary Art student at Prince George’s Community College with a concentration in Hospitality. I’m scheduled to graduate Fall 2017.

geelovestowrite:  What’s your signature dish?
The Chosen Chef:  It’s kind of hard to list a “signature” dish since I enjoy cooking everything, but I would say my signature dishes are shrimp and grits, banana pudding and greens.

geelovestowrite:  What do you enjoy most about cooking?
The Chosen Chef:  The end result, the satisfying feeling my clients and guests have when they taste my food. Being in the kitchen is so natural for me and the “work” doesn’t seem like “work” when you are doing something you love.

geelovestowrite:  Any last things you want my followers to know?
The Chosen Chosen Chef: Just know food is truly my life and I’m constantly thinking of different recipes and food items to try. Please feel free to visit my website


Follow me on social media…Instagram name is : TheChosenChef, twitter: @Chefduriel and snapchat: chefduriel

Banana Pudding chef-barnes cheg Shrimp & Grits

I urge you to tickle you palate and check out The Chosen Chef…your tummy will thank you!



7 thoughts on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. Thank you soooooooooo much for showcasing my brand “The Chosen Chef, LLC” to the world. Much appreciated. #TheChosenChef


  2. Thank you sooooooo much for showcasing my brand “The Chosen Chef, LLC” to the world. Thankful and blessed. #TheChosenChef


  3. I am so proud of my fellow high school classmate. You are on your way to great success!


  4. I truly enjoyed reading this Tuesday Talent! I am soo excited for and proud of my brother, The Chosen Chef! Duriel I will continue to pray for you and your success! I see major success in your future!#yournumber1fan


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