geelovestowrite welcomes Patrise Henkel: _0026-med72

Patrise has been a painter since the age of eight, when her mother gave her a set of oil paints. Growing up in Michigan surrounded by water, the elements of clouds, reflections and luminous light infuse her work. Today she lives on the water in southern Maryland.

Inspired by the natural world, Patrise loves to work plein-aire, taking to field, forest and river in search of the beautiful landscape. Describing her work as objective and reverent observations, she makes art from life for the experience of being there. “Sometimes when I finish a painting, my vision is so acute, it’s an incredible feeling to then walk into the world I just created.”

Having worked this way for many years, Patrise has developed a method that uses a simple palette of a few classic colors, a light-weight support and fast drying Alkyds for field work. She has painted in many of the states, as well as Scotland, England and France.
Patrise takes a few private painting students each year. She writes for business and pleasure, and can be found online at patrisearts.com, a blog about Art, Spirit and Nature.
Patrise’s art heroes are the late Ross Merrill of the National Gallery, and old masters John Constable, Jacob van Ruisdael and Claude Monet, with whom she shares a birthday.

blog:  patrisearts.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. thank you Gee for such a lovely post!! ❤


  2. Gee, you feature such talented people. Patrise is a true artist. I enjoyed visiting her website and blog.


  3. Thanks Ann…glad you enjoyed Tuesday Talent. Patrise is a great artist!!!


  4. MMMwahh! very nice piece, Gee. Lyn😍 >


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