geelovestowrite is featuring Brea Martin-daughter of last week’s Talent Tuesday artist Deborah Martin.  Brea has a voice of her own and is an innovative young lady.

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geeloves2write:  “What age did you begin painting?”

Brea:                      “I began to take painting seriously around 16.”

geelovestowrite:  “Who or What is your biggest inspiration?”

Brea:                       “One of my favorite artists is Kehinde Wiley, but as far as what I actually like to create, I like to paint people and I like to use a lot of color.”

geelovestowrite:    “Do you sell your artwork?”

Brea:                        “Not at the moment, but I hope to soon.”

geelovestowrite:  “If given the opportunity , what painter would you love to create with?”

Brea:  “Frida Kahlo.”

geelovestowrite:  “What do you want the readers to know about you?”

Brea:  “I’m still working to find my own voice and style and I’ll have my own art blog up soon!”

geelovestowrite has to mention-A special thanks to these two talented women.  I was able to have my debut book A GRO-c-ERY STORY illustrated by them.  You ladies have blessed me more than I can ever express.  Thank you, thank you, thank you….love geelovestowrite!!!



6 thoughts on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. Nice feature….I enjoy your blog.


  2. Thanks, Mike…I’m excited you enjoy my blog! Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. Thank you Author Georgette Littlejohn for this lovely blog featuring my daughter Brea! I am so proud of her…but I am very proud of you too my friend. You are not just following your dream, you are creating your own pathway to it! I admire you greatly Georgette!


  4. This young lady seems to have her priorities in order, but then she has a good role model.


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