thoughts for the day

Is arrogance a sign of confidence or over compensation for a weakness?

If you could only chose one-which would it be:
Book knowledge and no common sense or
Common sense and no book knowledge?

Do you believe you can find the positive in everything, even the negative?



4 thoughts on “THURSDAY THOUGHTS

  1. It doesn’t make sense to me to consider EITHER/OR. As fully-functioning intelligent and responsible adults in a democracy, we are asked to reach, stretch, continue learning life-long through reading books and intelligent media sources, checking-out the editorials (am I the only one left who does this, now that I am getting the NYT in print, daily?), AND learning from EXPERIENCE. By the time I was in my 30s & career going gangbusters, I started interviewing candidates for knowledge work in my firm by going beyond their resumes and what was in the can. One of the best researchers I ever hired had a Master’s in Eur. Hist, but the academic jobs mkt had dried-up. I send him home for 30 days with an IBM self-study course, and a return interview where I put him thru the process of 3 different types of projects he would be doing for our Systems Consultants. He did great, proving high motivation and speedy knowledge acquisition. He grew in his work way beyond the “Computer Research Assistant,” ultimately grounding himself in understanding the emerging role of networked smaller computers. This job gave him a platform to support his wife’s acting career, and to move on to >$100k salaries to send their kid to college and, now, retire comfortably in NYC. I parlayed my experience comparably by becoming a change agent. I pray that today’s parents succeed, with qualified educators, in building the kind of character in today’s kids that can steer a well-reasoned path between negative influences, knee-jerk social media reactions, to the understanding that any worthwhile goal or dream takes focus and sustained efforts to achieve. Lyn


  2. don’t make me pick! I work to keep both. I grew up with practical hands-on folk who gardened, cooked and fixed things, who knew where they were going and thought through big decisions. I dont think knowledge and practicality are exclusive!


  3. Patrise it’s great to have both. That’s the ideal situation :-} ! Thanks for reading and responding.


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