DEBORAH MARTIN                               Billie Holiday Sketch-Debby Eyes Sketch-Debby


geelovestowrite:  What age did you begin drawing/painting?

Deborah:  I started dabbling in the arts during my high school years with the intent of pursuing a degree in Commercial Art in college.  Instead, I went into the U. S. Army where I spent the next 8 years.  Once my service with the Army ended, I was a wife and mother juggling work, children…life.  So, I lost touch with my creative side.  Upon my divorce, I picked it back up.  In retrospect, I think I did so because I was needing a way to deal with the feelings of disappointment, frustration, hurt, etc., that came as a result of the divorce.  During this time, my focus was primarily on drawing.  I found it to be a wonderful escape…mind candy, if you will.  I would focus all of my energy on the emotion that I was hoping to capture in a drawing, thus taking my mind off on my own personal feelings. With time, I got a little adventurous and decided to try painting, again.  The difference between drawing and painting for me is the time it will take for me to create a piece, thus my own personal satisfaction.  If I feel like I need something to take shape fast, then I paint. But, if I feel like I have a need to sit and focus for some time…then I draw.

geelovestowrite:  Who or What is your biggest inspiration?

Deborah:  My father, Leslie Cleo, is my biggest inspiration.  In fact, he is the reason I started drawing to begin with.  I was a bit of a Daddy’s girl, so I just wanted to do what he did…

geelovestowrite:  Do you sell your artwork?

Deborah:  No.  For me art is my therapy. It just happens that the resulting artwork is a by-product…which my friends and family benefit from.  I am motivated by the emotion that I feel as I create something.  In my opinion, to capitalize from it cheapens that emotion. Further, I typically don’t do any commissioned work.  I never want to be in a position where I have to draw/paint for someone else…this is truly a me thing.

geelovestowrite:  Giving the opportunity what painter would you love to create with?

Deborah:  My father…

geelovestowrite:  What do you want the readers to know about you?

Deborah:  Tell them what you want them to know about me.

geelovestowrite:  I wasn’t expecting that answer.  Most people love talking about themselves…lol.  I had to think long and hard about this question because I didn’t want to answer too quickly.  Deborah is complex; yet, transparent.  I’ve known her for 26+ years.  She’s an all-around chick.  She’s delicate as a flower, but tough as nails, as well.  She creates the most beautiful art and on Sunday plays football with the guys.  Her children adore her drive and desire for life.  Deborah always places her children’s needs before her own.  Family and friends are of the utmost importance to her.  I could probably go on forever because we share a very special bond, but I will leave it at this…if you ever get the chance to meet Deborah, you will have a friend for life!

John Cotrane Sketch-Debby





One thought on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. Great job Debbie and Getta! Debbie can I get my sketch?


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