Do you want to know your purpose?

I know you’re thinking, Oh boy here we go…another person trying to tell me my purpose.  Who is she?  You don’t know me.  But, like the old folks used to say, “I know what I know, if you live long enough, then one day so will you…oblige me for just a few minutes.”


Find your weakness.  I know you’re thinking…I’m crazy (well, those that know me, know I’m a little touched 😉 ).  But seriously your purpose is your weakness. The thing that you are trying the most to suppress and hide from is the thing that will bring you into your purpose and GLORY!!!

You’ve been searching, seeking, praying, and asking God.  You feel disappointed and discouraged.  Thinking God has forsaken you.  He hasn’t.  He’s right there, wondering how long it will take you to figure it out.  Remove the blinders and open your eyes to the reality.

God doesn’t always reveal the answer.  He provides the answer, but we have to figure it out for ourselves.  When the epiphany finally hits us—due to the scales falling from our eyes, or someone saying something that jars it, or stumbling upon it, then a new chapter begins in our lives.

Keep in mind, there will be turmoil, scrutiny, haters, doubters, freeloaders and everything else along the way.  However, God has that covered, too.

Keep marching to the beat of your own drum.  Remember to surround yourself with motivators, encouragers, realist, doers and most importantly, prayers (of God’s business) and change will come.  You will soar to levels you never imagined.  You will look back at the thing that used to trouble you and that you kept secret and see that now it’s your DESTINY.

Lastly, remember to give the glory to Him.  For he is the reason.  All the pain and suffering was not in VAIN!!!  Read Psalms 139.



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