What motivates you?

That can be a loaded question.  I often wonder what motivates people.  There are so many people who overcome obstacles and achieve what they set out to accomplish no matter what adversity or lack of motivation they may experience.  Here are a few:

Bill Gates:  his first company failed  Motivation-Monday
Albert Einstein:  didn’t speak his first word until the age of 4
Stephen King:  his book Carrie was rejected 30 times
Thomas Edison:  it took him 1000 times to invent the light bulb
Bethany Hamilton:  lost her arm after a shark attack at 13-she won her first title two-years later
Harland (Colonel Sanders) David:  was 62 before starting the famous KFC

Never give up!  Find what motivates you and surround yourself with that motivation.  It needs to be forever present as a reminder of your dreams/goals.

Post some of your motivators below in the comment section…it may motivate someone and help another along the way.



2 thoughts on “MONDAY MOTIVATION

  1. Enjoying reading your thoughts!


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