NO WHEREWednesday Words

Hustling and bustling from here to there
Moving, moving, moving but going no where
Suspended in time
Thoughts racing in my mind
The landscape of my life is like a difficult maze
Most of the time my mind is in a haze
Do you remember the days
When everything wasn’t a big phase


Moving in time to my own methodic tick
Life seems to be moving so quick
I want to cherish each day
Without worrying how I will pay the way
Crying in moments of time to keep from going astray
Someone wake me up quick
From this dream that keeps replaying in my head
I’m suffocating in misery
I must be walking dead
I’m so afraid that they will find out the truth
That I’m a nobody just searching
This is so uncouth


The rhythms and beats
The highs and lows
That are chiming in my head
Are driving me insane
My brain is so intertwined
I’ve lost so many moments of time
Will I be left behind


I feel like a patient of Sigmund Freud
I need something to fill this void
I get so annoyed with the empty spaces
Whirling around in my head
Subduing my thoughts
Like I’ve never been taught
To hide the truth
Like they made my sister Ruth


I try to cut my wrist to end it all
But just as I slide the dull razor across
I get a call and it stops the saw
How did you know at that exact moment that I needed your voice
Like a gentle breeze on a warm summer night
That tickles my nose
I suppose…


This is the direction of my life
It’s hard to digest and
I must confess
That my reality isn’t real
I must be standing still


I’m hustling and bustling
Moving, moving, moving
But going nowhere!


copyright symbol2016 by geelovestowrite


4 thoughts on “WRITE IT WEDNESDAY

  1. Real life! = :*) But are the suicide thoughts real?


  2. @carriesigma…for some it’s very real.


  3. Gotta keep moving.


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