Check out these two talented young ladies who reside in Prince George’s County, MD.  They love to create and dream big.

Opalowl12 knew from the age of 5 that she wanted a career in animation.

gee:       “How did you get started?”
OO12:   “At the age of five I was inspired by a picture in a magic tree-house book.  I started drawing and creating my own anime characters and I’ve never turned back.”
gee:       “What inspires you?”
OO12:    “Animation shows, fantasy worlds and creatures.”
gee:        “What are your future dreams?”
OO12:     “I want to become an animator or create comic books.”

     You can follow her at:


maddy pic for blog 1maddy pic for blogcopyright symbol

Ciera Hodges, who is just 12 years old, has her future mapped out.  Ciera has been singing since the age of 5 and is determined to be a singer.  At the age of 10, her grandmother saw her talent as a designer.  She gave Ciera a design book and the rest was history.  Ciera told geelovestowrite this in a recent conversation:

“I want to be a singer and fashion designer.  My creativity and inspiration comes from my friends and current fashion trends.”

Check out a few of Ciera’s designs:
cierra picCierra Designs

copyright symbol


10 thoughts on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. Thank you for featuring me on your blog! It’s greatly appreciated. @Opalowl12

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  2. Absolutely…much success to you in your future endeavors. Stay focused and never give up on your dreams!!!


  3. Go head Georgette that was awesome as all of the rest. You truly have a gift.


  4. Love your blog. Keep up the excellent work.


  5. Great work!!!😉


  6. Great article on Vivian.
    Vivian looks marvelous.


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