geelovestowrite welcomes Terry Maxwell, a new author.  Her book “More than My Share of Pain 25 Years In An Abusive Marriage…And How I Got Out” is free on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.com.

Terry has this to say about her new book:                                                                                         Terry Maxwell Book

          “I’m writing this book to offer my story and to help other women

           rescue themselves from the physical pain – as well as the mental and                                                      

           spiritual distress -that comes from enduring a verbally abusive



geelovestowrite is honored to present a special women, friend and author.  Cheryl Holloway is a published author of many e-books including the Cougar Tales Series (Books 1-3), The Bane Bath Salts, The Proposal: A Leap of Faith, and her latest book A Sisterhood of Women Living Life: A Short Story Collection are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords.

Cheryl Holloway’s passion is to Pay-It-Forward to other authors with a Guest Author Interview on her blog.

Cheryl is a woman of her word.  She will be featuring me on her blog tomorrow.  Check it out at:

www.cherylholloway.net/blog   Cheryl Holloway


Thanks for reading…IT’S TALENT TUESDAY!!!


4 thoughts on “TUESDAY TALENT

  1. Congratulations on the new blog, Gee!!! I am delighted to welcome you to the blogosphere!!
    so much love, P


  2. Gee, Thanks for featuring me on Tuesday Talent. I am honored.


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